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Singleness is your time to embrace change.

Wow… its been a few months since I’ve written a blog entry. I’m back for a little while because during my time off, I've been going through my own season of… (you guessed it)… CHANGE.

One thing about change is that it is always constant and it may feel like a constant thing at times when you are single. The few months I had off became a huge transition for me personally.

I took on a new position at work, loc’d my hair, started physical fitness training, let go of some friendships, and changed the way I show up for others.

All of these things were not easy, but it was required. What I didn’t notice until now is while going through all these different changes, I was also changing from within. I noticed my response to disappointment was different, my response to how others hurt me was slightly different (because God is still working on me okay!), and how I feel about myself is very different too.

I share all this to say that you’re going to go through A LOT of changes in life, but definitely a lot in singleness because you have the space to. Once you’re married or have children, it’s a tad more difficult to change because a lot of things are already set in place (not impossible but slightly more difficult). However, in singleness, you have space and room to change into whatever you want to. I vowed to myself to create a life I love regardless of my relationship status and that required a lot of change on my end.

You won’t be able to get to your destination without change or without a transformation on the inside of you.

Regardless of the hurt or disappointment, I am watching God change me so that I can fit into His plans and not the other way around. Sometimes we want God to change so it can accommodate us, but it doesn't work that way. What better time to listen closely, draw nearer and deeper than in singleness. Remember that the change God is doing around you, in you, and with your circumstances will always be for your good. I’m just now seeing that.

Change is scary, frustrating at times, exciting, anxiety-provoking, and sometimes an inconvenience. But it’s all connected to your growth, your purpose, and where God wants you to be. Looking back on these past 3 months, I definitely think the change was needed. I’m exactly where I need to be and so are you.

So change, sis. Regardless of who embraces it or who escapes it, change into the better person you want to be. Change the job if you need to, change your method, business strategy or content if it isn't fulfilling you, change your circle of friends if they aren't helping you flourish, change "the list" you have for the man you want if that list has you repeating cycles, change your hair, change your diet, change your relationship with God to a deeper one. Just CHANGE because change is beautiful and when you co-partner with God on change, trust me, you will not regret it.

Much Love.

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This blog is truly a confirmation for me 😃.


I'm glad it is!! Not sure if you're single or not, but I hope you are thriving in whatever season you're in.

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