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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Hey Y’all!

My name is Lisa Ann-marie Stanford, but I go by Lisannmarie. Welcome to my blog where you will receive monthly “words'' for your journey in singleness.

You may ask: what is a “word”? and who is it for?

Well... when we say something is a “word, ” it means something hit us deeply, was thought provoking, and was a word to the spirit, mind, and soul. It takes me back to church when folks would say, “the Pastor spoke a good word,” and from a spiritual sense, a “word” is food to one’s soul. Now, I am not preaching on this platform nor am I an expert at everything, but I'm an expert on my own experiences. I hope my experiences and little nuggets are things that relate to you, as I break down single words that have been imperative to my own singleness. It's ratchet and discouraging at times, but also beautiful....

My goal is for single women to live affirmed, be happy & HEALthy, never settle,
and literally bloom in this season.

Not only will this be shared on a blog, but also shared on my #vlog too! I figured I'd cater to individuals who like both verbal and written content. So check out my YouTube channel for faith, affirmation, and lifestyle.

Check it out by clicking the button below!

Why the journey?

Well if you know me personally, I use the word “journey” quite often. The whole concept of “walking your own journey” is very important. We all have a journey we're on, but to walk your own takes intentionality. When you walk outside of the footprints created for you, you lose your message, your authenticity, and your overall purpose.

Seasons, transitions, and phases will come & go but what you make of your journey in the end is what will withstand and that is why I love thinking of life and all its seasons as a journey.

Now let’s take it back a little…

You may know of me as the founder of my women’s empowerment organization known as Worth Above Rubies (W.A.R.). I did a blog series for the organization back in 2018 where I spoke on my journey leading up to W.A.R. I still wear that hat as the founder, but the organization has transitioned since then and I decided to discontinue its blog series.

To be honest, I missed blogging. I enjoy writing, (even though I never thought I’d be doing this) and I wanted to get back at it!

So, what will you find here you might ask? ------ whatever I believe God puts on my heart.

I could've focused on many things and initially, it was going to be a general blog but I felt the need to speak to singles. It's a journey I have struggled with and at times still do to keep it real. Many women are struggling. So this is where we talk about it all.

Okay, so enough about the why… here’s a little bit about ya’ girl:

  • I am 31 years old and lovingggg it…I dreaded entering my 30's but its been a good short ride thus far lol

  • More importantly, I am a Jesus lover… that’s right, most things you will find will be centered around my faith in Jesus

  • I am a member of the Illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated!

  • I am a Lead Planner for an event planning company called R.A.E. Affairs- check out more on the site

  • I hold my Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical (LCSW-C) and I am proud of it chile because it took me a while to get that.. (another story for another day).

  • I am a lover of all things coffee... i mean, the syrups, the froth, the cute coffee shops, the beans, the barista's apron...

  • I love all things floral & design. Pampas grass or any dried flower will catch my eye

  • I love a pop of lipstick. My go-to’s are nudes and reds, but most days, you’ll catch me with a matte nude or a nice gloss

  • My favorite seasons are Fall & Winter because of the fashion… that’s all, that’s it. You will never catch me talking about how much I love the snow… just the fashion lol

  • Lastly, The Arts is my passion! I took ballet, gymnastics, and piano as a child. I always wanted to go to Juliard in N.Y. and I love the sound of the piano, sax, and harp to name a few… I love old school jams and will sing my heart out... and almost every show that is related to the Arts will be found in my DVR

Now, your turn! Tell me about yourself in the comments! What’s your name, where are you from, and what do you do??? and how is your singleness going??


Much love,


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