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Hi, I’m Lisannmarie


Encouraging Women with Affirmations, Truth, and a Word for their Journey.

So, let me tell you my story...



Lisa Ann-Marie Stanford is the creator and owner of this platform, a space created for women seeking encouragement & affirmation on their journey. She was born and raised in Maryland and is of Jamaican descent. She is a born again Christian incorporating her relationship with God in everything that she does. Lisa works full-time as a Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical in the DMV areas. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.


Young Adulthood

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As a Christian young adult, Lisa Ann-Marie overcame very low moments where life dealt her some harsh twists and turns.


After losing her father and baby only 11 days apart at the age of 22, she questioned her self-worth, her purpose, and her overall existence. After years of battling loss, grief, and unworthiness, she later found beauty in it all by growing closer to God. Convinced that God wanted her to do more, she decided to answer the call and founded Worth Above Rubies, LLC, better known as W.A.R., a women's empowerment organization.

Within her organization, she has hosted annual events, created it’s blog series & co-hosted its podcast. She has since shifted her focus towards other endeavors. But it will be back....

Organizational Leadership

And it doesn’t stop there… 

Just 2 years of leading her organization, she realized there was more to her story. Right after launching her organization, she was afforded the opportunity to write her first book - My Words of Affirmation, which launched August 18, 2020. Little did she know, this would be the beginning of creating her own brand. 

Her book, My Words of Affirmation, shares additional life struggles as an adult, life lessons, and the history of verbal abuse she experienced as a child. She highlights how spreadable words are, how imperative it is to be affirmed as an individual, and how God's Word is the ultimate affirmation.  It became apparent that Faith + Affirmations were her weapons. 

Lisa Ann-Marie continues to engage other’s as a daughter, sister, friend, mentor, and on social media as she empowers women in a creative, yet impactful way.



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