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Hi, I’m Lisannmarie


Once I found my purpose, I started to live intentionally. But once I found my voice, I started to live fearlessly.

So, let me tell you my story...



As the creator of the platform, I find it important to connect & relate to you. Whether you are seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, a newfound thirst for His Word, or you need encouragement and affirmation, this space is for you. My transparency has helped many but honestly, it helped me much more. 


So Who Am I?

I was born & raised in Maryland. I am of Jamaican descent and I am a born again Christian. I work full-time as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I love God, fitness, travel, brunch, candles, coffee, and consistent self-care. I'm also a mircolocs girlie now, so don't be surprised by the many looks on the website haha. Lots has changed since I created this site lol.

As a child and young adult, I've overcome some very low moments but my faith has remained the same, meaning God has remained faithful even when I didn't. After years of battling loss, grief, unworthiness, low self-esteem and so forth, I founded an organization named Worth Above Rubies which is where I found my purpose again. Not too long after, I started learning how to affirm myself in God's Word which enabled me to find my voice again. A voice that had silenced out by negativity, opinions, and trauma. 

Now, I look back in pure awe at how God used my pain for His purpose. He's brought beauty from ashes and I am truly grateful. I'm thankful He saw me fit to share my story and thank you for your support! 

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